When a new initiative is born, what arouses curiosity is often  the reason that pushed the creators  to turn an idea into reality. The answer to this question is the name itself: "MOTORI CAPITALE".

We strongly believe motoring history is more than just economic value; it is an authentic "CAPITAL" A capital made of culture, passion, experimentation, research, design and elegance. Every vehicle, be it a car, a motorcycle or any vehicle that has taken us from one place to another, has a story to tell. Wheter short, sometimes long, simple or complex, made of successes or failures, but it always be a story.
Motori Capitale aims to share these stories over time, through characters, places and, above all, through this "CAPITAL" that needs to be preserved, cherished and, in some cases, restored to its former glory. We want to convey the passion for these stories both to those who have known and experienced these wonders of the past, and to those who see modern production as a logical continuation of vintage vehicles. Motori Capitale is not limited to vehicles such as automobiles or motorcycles; it also embraces all those vehicles that have transported us on all kinds of roads, whether for work, vacation, or pure driving pleasure.

This event was born today, but it is intended to grow over time. The time until September 21, 2024 will be used to enrich our heritage of stories and content. We invite you to be part of this experience not only as spectators, but as true protagonists.

Motori Capitale arrives at a particular time. New magazines and dedicated websites, multiplying gatherings and a growing number of enthusiasts: all signs that show how historic motoring is growing. Every day more people realize the dream of owning the vehicle they wanted when they were young or the one their parents drove when they were children. Restoration of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles gives us the opportunity to see them returned to their former glory, and gives us unparalleled satisfaction!

Motori Capitale is not just an exhibition, but a story full of emotions that will involve everyone. We will offer not only indoor spaces, but also outdoor places where history will merge with innovation, allowing moments from the past to be reborn in a modern way.


Historic motoring
Motori Capitale is a prestigious show dedicated to historic motoring that draws interest and passion for historic or vintage motorized vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other forms of transportation dating back years.

The importance of historic motoring is crucial for several reasons. First, it is a resource of considerable value to Italy.

This sector contributes significantly to the national economy, generating an annual income of about 2.5 billion euros. Furthermore, historic motoring is an internationally recognized and appreciated discipline, comparable to art and fashion.
One of the main goals of Motori Capitale is to promote and protect historic motoring through collaboration with central and territorial institutions and communities, as well as the preservation of the unique skills possessed by our craftsmen, passed on to new generations. This collaboration with institutions is essential for the implementation of uniform national legislation that promotes the homogeneous development of the sector in all Italian regions.
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Vehicles of historical and collectors' interest, including vintage vehicles, fully deserve to be considered cultural assets to be protected, because they represent an invaluable historical and social heritage capable of attracting a large passionate public. According to a survey conducted by the Piepoli Institute, more than 30 million people in Italy are involved in events, fairs and shows related to historic motoring.

Currently, there are more than 4.3 million cars over 30 years old recognized as historic vehicles, with an estimated value of about 104 billion euros. This sector is constantly growing, with more and more enthusiasts looking for authentic treasures of the past. It is important to note that the top one hundred classic car collections in the world see half of the vehicles belonging to Italian brands and 60 percent of the vehicles are Italian-made.

In conclusion, Motori Capitale is a point of reference for all those who share an enthusiasm for historic motoring, a sector that contributes to the country's economic growth and is an important custodian of our rich cultural and technological heritage.



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