➘ Display of unique vehicles

These events provide an opportunity to view a wide range of historic vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks and other motorized vehicles, many of which are unique or rare. It is an extraordinary opportunity to see up close the design and craftsmanship of bygone eras.

➘ Purchase opportunities

Motori Capitale will be an opportunity to purchase historic vehicles directly from exhibitors. a unique opportunity to find the vintage vehicle of your dreams or to start your own collection.

➘ Living history

Trade shows provide fertile ground for generating potential customers. Visitors who approach your location or booth show interest in what you offer and can provide you with valuable contact information. These leads can later be followed up and converted into actual sales.

➘ Interactive activities

Exhibitions and events will provide opportunities for interactive activities: classic car rides, restoration demonstrations, contests of elegance and more will make your experience even more engaging.

➘ Passion and sharing

A meeting place for enthusiasts of historic motoring and beyond. The opportunity to share their passion, exchange experiences and knowledge.

➘ Technical knowledge

Lectures, seminars and workshops given by experts in the field will provide an opportunity to deepen your technical knowledge on the historical and technical aspects of vehicles.

➘ Inspiration for restorers

If you are interested in historic vehicle restoration, Motori Capitale will be a source of inspiration. You can get ideas for future projects, learn about restoration techniques used by experts, and find suppliers of specialized parts and services.


Motori Capitale Rome

Why not turn the fair visit into an opportunity to vacation and get to know the area?

Thanks to agreements with some of Rome's hotels, there will be the possibility to extend the stay beyond the two days scheduled for Motori Capitale, and to help you in your choice we have thought of everyone, making use of partner tour operators.

For those who already know Rome we will propose guided tours to the secret and hidden places, while for those who are visiting it for the first time or want to retrace the most beautiful itineraries there will be ad hoc packages available. There will be no shortage of opportunities to purchase tickets for cultural, musical and theatrical events scheduled in the week concurrent with Motori Capitale. Last but not least, we could not miss some suggestions on how to best enjoy the Roman food and wine offerings.

Obviously we will take into account everyone's needs by also proposing fully accessible tourist facilities and packages.


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